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By creating this website and helping to offer these many “power” plants and items, my goal and hope is that I can simply be of service to you. May you use these “tools” as an in-depth, practical guide to healing the personality and developing soul consciousness. Journey through the traps of ego into a life of meaning, purpose, joy and service. Shift perspectives to a new level of living.

Enter and take a one of a kind Soul Journey, I wish you the best as you walk your path!

Robert Johnson

Heavenly Products

Our Specialty Products Include...

Live & Dried Plants / Seeds
  • Salvia
  • T. peruvianus
  • B. caapi
  • D. cabrerana
  • M. speciosa
  • P. viridis
  • V. theidora
  • V. africana
Plant & Cactus Seeds
  • Seed Examples
Religious Sacraments, Crafts and Novelty Items
  • Examples
Natural Resin Incenses
  • Incense Examples
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